Dahlia Kausi 360 (rooftop restaurant)

Kausi 360 (rooftop restaurant)

A hidden oasis under the open air and sky

Reaching for the clouds at Kausi 360 is an idle way to either give a start or an end to a long day. With traditional and classical Nepali ambience created by its rustic stone interiors and exquisite wood carvings, the entire top of the building is occupied by the restaurant and gives you a prodigious experience of being on the top as million lights glisten far below. Kausi 360, the beating heart of the hotel, brags one of the most picturesque, panoramic, indulging views of the majestic peaks of the Annapurna Range and uninterrupted tranquil Phewa lake.

Experience the sheer bliss of rising up with the sun or swaying away with the stars with your choice of culinary delights at kausi 360. From tangy soups, crisp salads,roast squash, watery chinese roast chicken, juicy sausages and tantalising main courses, to sweet and inviting desserts; Dahlia’s authentic dishes, best accompanied by exotic cocktails, will definitely leave you craving for more. A toothsome culinary dining experience at Kausi 360 will redefine your expectations and rekindle the way you rejoice.